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The Food Vendors Work Shop 2012 First Steps to SUCCESS!!

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Okay, you are here...

 Food Vendors Workshop 2012!!!

You are about to embark on the best
kept secret in all of the ages.


  •  We will help you become the most profitable food vendor at festivals, fairs, and community events, including music, arts, kids, sports, and much more.


 This Seminar will Transform Your Life Increase your Income and Accomplish Things you didn't know were Possible.


              Discover How a Young Couple went from living PayCheck to Paycheck to Earning $2k to $5k a weekend in 30 days, while still working full time jobs.


  •  We deliver an eye opening seminar to alert you to the money making opportunities around you. We will maximize your potential while decreasing your risk. This workshop based on the drive in you, can start you making thousands, and thousands of dollars a weekend, or based on your own schedule. This field is a don’t tell policy. No food vendor will ever tell you how to get into the business, how to really get into the events that produce the $100k income.


  •  Invest in yourself come to the FOOD VENDORS WORKSHOP, we will give you a extensive course on the food vending business.



"How to Become a Food Vendor at Festivals and Special events."
Spring 2012!!!
Sign up for this exciting workshop to get you on the FAST TRACK to cash.  This Workshop retails for $500 but for a limited time,
this workshop will be only $149.99.


    •  There are hundreds of thousands of events attended by more than a billion people globally each entire year. Events offer an opportunity to make lots of money and enhance your business potential each year.


    • Do you want to learn about owning a food vending cart, food concession trailer, hot dog vending carts?


    • Do you want to learn where the events are, and How to book them?


    • Do you want to know how to complete a food vendor application or apply for a food vendor license, and a food vendor permit?


    So what are you doing in Spring 2012 ? Will you invest in yourself to come to this Exciting seminar to change your financial situation? Will you invest the 5 hours in yourself? Of course you will, nothing comes by osmosis. You must be willing to take action, or stop complaining. There is NO Recession in this business.


  • We are only accepting the FIRST 50 registered, after that registration will end. (You will receive a confirmation to the email address you have listed).





    First Steps to Success Food Vendor Workshop                       



    COMING Spring 2012!!!!!! 



    Register for our upcoming 2012 workshop!!!



    Seminar Locations: Charlotte,NC-Kannapolis,NC-Huntersville,NC-Columbia,SC-Summerville,SC 

    Register and Pay Here


    Food Vendors Workshop

    For more details or questions contact Tony @ 704-224-3343


     Seating is very limited!!! 

    Register Early!!!





    TRANFORM your life, EXPLODE your business and SKYROCKET your income, in 30 days or less, GUARANTEED!! 



Do you want to become a food vendor?


Let us show you how, these people can be your clients every weekend, and they will pay you well for your services!!!!


Don't KickYourself  
Take Action NOW and SAVE over $300